2004 PACBT

The PA Covered Bridge Tour, complete with food & shopping, happened despite Ivan on September 18, 2004.  Survivors:

Jim & Kitty Beachy
Chuck (Gibby) Gibson
John Kannard
Dr. Stan Bise (aka The Flying Doc)
John Garner

Some roads and covered bridges we saw:

Countryside along the way to covered bridges        Covered Bridge #1

        Covered Bridge #2                                    Covered Bridge #3

    Covered Bridge #4                                        More Countryside

    Covered Bridge #5                                        Covered Bridge #6

Completing the tour was Three Mile Island (TMI) site of the '79 nuke disaster:

    The Radioactive Bar & Grill, just a few miles downstream from the TMI placard

    The sun sets over the nuke towers, while the Wings are parked across the street

A horse and buggy makes its way through the country; a team in the field bales hay

Thanks must go to:

Jim & Kitty Beachy for the weather telephone.
Gibby for measuring the water depth (only one thin enough)
Dr Stan Bise for having the navigational equipment for the detours
(also, having a doctor on call was very useful)
John Kannard for knowing the historical events of the area

Stan had the trial run of his toy box trailer and stayed over. On Sunday, we did ride thru the mountains and a few covered bridges, and saw first hand some of the flooding. Just before the day was out, we rode by a flooded farm. The cows were on an island, seeming to enjoy what amounted to a new swimming pool. Too bad I did not have the camera ready for this one.

Monday, Stan, Sharon & I toured the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA before the Flying Doc went on to continue his tour on the way back to TN. I think he's going to stop by Gibby's place to drop off a meatloaf dinner.

Despite Ivan, we managed to have a good time. In a few years, I'll have the route reworked and we can do the ride again, without rain. Until then, I'll let all think when in September to try this. It will be before the 3rd weekend for sure!

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