2006 Honda Hoot

Thirteen is thought of as an unlucky number, but not for the 13th Honda Hoot!  These four days in June provide some of the best riding and rally events you can have.

This was my first year on an 1800.  I headed out on the Wing early on Tuesday of the event with the idea of checking in and enjoying a cooling swim before going to the sign in, as getting to the event early meant long lines.  So, after a relaxing dip in the pool, I arrived at 7 PM to get my registration packet only to find:  A long line!  Perhaps Honda can improve this process by doing pre-registration on the web & letting us print out tickets for events and merchandise.  Whatever, I had my packet after a half hour and was set for the rest of the Hoot.

Wednesday was open, so I met up to ride with some members from the GL1800 board.  Only one problem - the 'meet at 9 AM' was really 'eat at 9 AM'!  As the couple I was riding with had finished breakfast, we decided to take of and ride the Cherohala Skyway and Deals Gap loop.  We had ideal conditions to enjoy skyway views and the twisties before the crowds.

Later that evening, the Bike Night at the World's Fair downtown provided everyone with a chance to check out all of the motorcycles, enjoy food and entertainment and see a spectacular fireworks show.

Thursday, I attended the HRCA Members Event, which was held on the hottest day of the Hoot.  We had an advantage, as this was an indoor event with air conditioning!  With an old west theme, complete with gaming in a saloon, dancing girls and a wild west shootout, we had a chance to build a pot of $1100 on casino games.  I had fun at the blackjack table, building my pot to $3500, which paled to the $31,000 plus first place winner!  Still, I placed in the top 19 and managed a Budweiser gift package.

Friday was the first of the Flying Doc tours.  After breakfast, we headed out on the 'straight' roads.  This year, having an 1800 I was able to keep up!  Looping through TN & KY, we took a break for some clouds with the 'r' word.  From the west side of Knoxville, I headed off to the party at the Museum of Appalachia, where we were treated to a BBQ dinner and entertainment.

For the last day, the Flying Doc Tour lead us through the Norris Dam followed by TN 116 - 25 miles of turns across the continental divide.  I broke off after 116 to revisit the vendors in case I had missed anything - good thing, as I found a nice summer riding jacket.  After the vendors, it was time for the closing ceremonies, where Charlie Keller announced that this was his final Hoot as the manager.  He did not leave without receiving several well deserved awards.  While none of my tickets were winners, the real prize was the event - four days of fun, riding with friends and making new friends.  Had so much fun, I reserved a room for 2007!

Here are some photos:

Cherohala Skyway Scenic view
 The Dragon - Deals Gap Chrome wheels shine!
Wednesday Evening Party Show your ride
Sheriff & Deputies Dance Hall Girls
Friday ride Wings lined up
The Saturday bunch Smoky Mt. stream
The clouds were low Click on photo for panoramic view