In September 2007, Jim a.k.a. 'Wheels' Leatherman organized the (one time) Meeting of the Mob for the Mid-Atlantic Region of riders from the GL1800 Board.  At the Friday evening dinner, the ride leaders and rides were identified, and Wheels said this was a one-time event!  Well, after the Saturday lunch, parking lot assassination attempt, successful rides and parking lot party with another water balloon contest, the group demanded this be the First Annual Mob Gathering!  We have a year to help make this happen.

I have some representative pictures, a slide show and two motorcycle videos:

Friday dinner: 'This is a one-time event!'

Honda John outfitted with the mob gear

Mob leaders - before the shootout!

Mountain ride

with scenic view

Attack of the drink umbrellas!

Slide Show

Video in the park

Video in the country