We had a Superbowl party, and I brought along my Terrible Towel!

Steelers win 27-23!

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Click for golf at the Eagle Course, Eglin AFB - Groundhog Day was very nice in Florida!  From the local WGAL news in PA, I see that the groundhogs are predicting six more weeks of winter.  Why not come down here?  I played golf today in my shirtsleeves!

February 8 was sunny and 72 degrees, a perfect day for a ride.  My military friend Wes & I headed for Logan's Roadhouse in Mary Esther, as we had heard that the local GW group was doing a poker run preride.  Lucky for us we were early and in front of the restaurant when a rider entered for the event, only to discover that the post should have stated the Longhorn Steakhouse - just down the  block!  So, off we were for an delightful afternoon of riding followed by dinner.  Our leader showed us where the curves in the roads are hidden in Florida - most of them are inside the military base!

Our dinner group included George Carlin:

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On February 12, the Destin Wing Riders invited Wes & I to a social event, which I found out meant more food.  It seems that the riders down here favor the Longhorn Steakhouse - this one was in Destin.  I took some pictures:

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