This video is for the birds!  Seagulls  Take anything you can throw, and they will come.

March 7:  Last day before daylight saving time, I went to the beach and found out that there were two beach weddings!  I think it was a double ocean ceremony.  Who knew?  I took a picture:

After the ceremony, a trip to the park on the bay gave me a chance for this sunset photo:

March 8:  The local Ft. Walton GW Riders (also known by me as Destin Riders) had an interesting Sunday ride, taking the panhandle back roads up to Alabama.  Temps were in the high 70's, and with the extra hour of daylight, we were able to get in a full day of riding with a very nice stop for both lunch and dessert.  Naturally, I took some pictures, put them together in a video, and decided that anything is funny with the Benny Hill theme!  Click and see for yourself!

March 9:  This retirement gig is hard work, but someone has to do it!  I had beach duty:

Then it was time for happy hour:

while watching the sunset:

Sunset takes three minutes; click to view this one.

March 12:  I took a 300 mile ride on US 98 east along the coast line, went through Mexico Beach, Cape San Blas and over the bridge at Apalachicola.  Then, I rode north through the forest to route 20 west to return home.  I made some videos:

Florida Panhandle Ride

Apalachicola Bridge

March 17:  After an afternoon boat ride around Destin harbor, I visited McGuire's Irish Pub for corned beef and cabbage.  There were several people dressed to the nines, one woman in Scottish attire.  So, I asked her if she knew what a Scotsman wore under his kilt.  She knew alright, and told me:  If you find a quarter pounder, then he's a McDonald!


March 18:  Got up early and rode to Pensacola to see the Blue Angels practice.  They flew much too fast for pictures, so I bought the DVD at the gift store - very nice with a second special DVD in high def which plays on your computer.  The air show is on March 28.

Rode home via the barrier island where Gulf Breeze and Navarre Beach reside.  Santa Rosa park lies between them.  Video

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