Bald Eagle is for sale.  See My Wing link for photos

The time has come for the ride to end.  My Gold Wing is for sale and includes a full Traxxion suspension upgrade, dynamic wheel balancers, many extras (see My Wing link), an extra rear rim with tire, all of my motorcycle gear and accessories.  Serious inquires only.  I am the only owner.  Email me if you are interested or visit Lebanon Valley Cycles - where it is on consignment.

Jkgraphics is a personal website devoted to my adventures.  My current motorcycle is a 2006 GL1800 Gold Wing.  I've used RAM Mounts to attach a Canon 1100 IS digital camera above the right handle bar to shoot pictures and video while in motion.  The movie files are best viewed full screen, as they were taken in high resolution.  Since many have had questions on the videos, here's a photo:

The camera, a Canon 1100 IS, has image stabilization.  It is secured by a RAM Mount system which consists of a base, an arm, and the camera base.  RAM Mounts are available from RAM Mounts.   I chose the 2-ball base and the long arm to elevate the camera in the middle portion of the windshield.   Using the cruise control, it is possible to shoot pictures and videos while riding, but you'd better have good riding skills and be aware of your road position.  If there is any doubt in your mind, do not attempt to take pictures/video while moving.  Here is the Pacific Coast video.

September 9, 2015:  Well, the day has come when I'm traveling less and riding less due to age and a back operation.  I have to admit that my 2015 Mustang convertible is just as much fun as my Gold Wing and has one huge advantage:  The rain gear goes on in under 60 seconds.  I've joined a local Mustang club, the Mustang Club of Central PA and I'm attending local car shows and events.  Also, Facebook has come along and it is very easy to upload photos and videos.  I'll continue to ride, but on a limited basis.  This website is now mature, but since it contains information on other subjects, I'm leaving it up as is.  Feel free to browse, read the adventures, look at the pictures and videos.  Info for military and the Patriot Guard is here.  Links to other motorcycling topics are here.  Covered bridges in Lancaster County are here.  I am very blessed to have had years and years of adventures, and the adventure continues.

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Military retired with 20+ years and eligible for benefits?  Click here for information on retirement and Tricare; click here for a document on Your Military Benefits compiled in Carlisle, PA.

Do you enjoy singing traditional four-part music?  Do you just like hearing performances?  Please click to check out the Lebanon Senior Singers who rehearse Thursday mornings at the Lebanon Senior Center.

Retired (or Tuesdays off) and living near Myerstown, PA?  Ride with the Guardian Angels and find new roads and places to eat!

Welcome to Lebanon, PA where we drop a Lebanon Bologna for New Years.  If you have a high speed connection,  here is the 2011 drop!   Are you from or have you become a Pennsylvanian?  Take the test!   Are you Pennsylvania Dutch?  Play this and see!  How is our food?  Click here to find out!  We also celebrate Groundhog Day (Grundsaudaag in PA German) in Myerstown, which is just east of Lebanon.  Groundhog Uni rides the Union Canal, then makes his prognostication.  Spring is close when the snow geese return to the Middle Creek preserve.  When spring arrives, you can balance an egg.

Since October of 2005, I've been riding my 2006 GL1800 which has been accessorized and has Traxxion racing suspension.  Sport bike riders have been surprised to find me keeping up with them in the twisties.  This is my third and final Gold Wing:

In 2015, I turned 68 and it looks like my back surgery from three years ago has made motorcycling a bit less comfortable.  To compensate, I took delivery of a 50th anniversary Mustang pictured below.  I also joined the Mustang Club of Central PA and have gone to several events, including the Ford Nationals at Carlisle, PA.  Along the way, I took a motorcycle ride with friends to Lake Harvey, PA for lunch.  Over Memorial Day Weekend, my Mustang and I were in the Annville Parade.  On Saturday, July 18 was the Cpl. Hardy Memorial Motorcycle Ride to benefit our military; for a small cost, you can ride back roads then have a feast at the Gap, PA fire hall.  So, now I have to juggle my Gold Wing, Mustang and golf.  Retirement can be difficult!

I put the car shows on Facebook; here are the links:
    2015 Muscle Car Show

    Phoenixville Car Show
    Ford Nationals
    LCBC Motorsports Show

When five speeds are not enough!
I've upgraded to a 2015 Anniversary model.
Click here for a video.

This is definitely over the top:  Knight Rider accessory for the GL1800!

I have a situation where our garage could not be a 3 car garage.  So, I had a '2 1/2' width and had a custom 4 foot wide garage door installed for my Wing.

WOW!  I won a prize for the 2007 Post Office Day in Annville!

The American Motorcycle Association has released a video on driving courtesy.  If you remember the movie 'Marathon Man' you will like this!

This is the best commercial I've ever seen!

Here are my Older Events which include some covered bridge tours with printable instructions.

Have an unusual picture or videoHope these bring a smile to your face.

I've provided some motorcycle websites in the Links page.

See you down the road!