Kaddy Kruiser KDX 24 - RV Toy Hauler - Say 'No' to Winter!

This will be a new adventure for me.  I've decided to spend January to April somewhere warm, and I wanted to take my motorcycle, golf clubs and some of my other stuff with me.  So, I bought a RV toy hauler and will join other snowbirds, going south for the winter.

Full details on this RV are at http://www.kaddykruiser.com for anyone interested.  I looked at many of these at the PA RV show and decided on this one for the features plus the wall separating the 'garage' and the living space.

I am pleased to report that this RV has been sold to a very nice LEO in Brownsville.  Best wishes for his family to enjoy traveling in style.  I've decided to use winter rentals or military sites for my future travels.

Hooked up!

Outside view

The sofa

Kitchen area

Double bed



Video tour

I've loaded the Wing with help from Dan.  Notice the clever rig that Dan built for me out of cut down 2 x 6 x 8' lumber.  There are wood spacers for the front tire.  Four carriage bolts, back & front of each wheel, secure the rig which prevents the front tire from turning.

Rear view

The rig - Two 2 x 6 protect the wall at front

Side view