Late on a Friday evening, Lee & Greg passed through PA with the Wing for Mark in tow.  They were intercepted by the Terrific Trio from PA, and forced to stop and have something to eat.  Below are some photos of that event.  Be sure to watch for more from Canada, as Lenny is securing the stories and additional (hopefully, amusing) details.  Give me a shout, & I'll provide a link from this page.

So, if you want another reason to attend the upcoming Lobster Run & PA Run to hear more, make your reservations now!

            Wing in tow                                                    Lee took a break

           Plans were discussed                             They hadn't eaten in at least 3 hours!


                There is more!

         Dan's (Teddy Bear) Link  

                 Canadian Link




            The cast of characters:
     Kathy & Dan in front of Tom on left
     Greg with safety sandals, Lee trying to hide (didn't work)
     and some guy who likes grits, wears a hat to reduce glare