Adding A MP3 Player

Adding a MP3 player to my 95 Gold Wing turned out to be easier than I thought.  The hard part was deciding what player to choose, given that I am using MS Windows.  Enter the Creative line of products.  Creative makes the Nomad Zen Jukebox, which is simple to use and integrates to your PC via USB.  The software makes the player look like just another disk drive.  Playlists are easy to create and music files are easy to move player <-> PC.  For the Zen Jukebox information, visit:

OK, so now I had a player; how to connect it to a GL1500?  Lacking the accessory jack on the 1800 (might be another reason to upgrade!) I needed to get the tunes to the Wing.  Enter the iRock! product line, specifically, the FM transmitter.  Just plug in the FM unit in place of the headphones, select one of the four FM frequencies, tune the Wing FM radio in, and voila!  In my case, non stop Oldies with no commercial interruption.

However, I have had noise problems with the iRock FM unit and have replaced it with the Audio Bug.  There is no power adapter, but it does run for about 40 hours on a special battery and automatically shuts off when the music stops.  You may view it at:

So, I placed the MP3 and FM unit into a soft case for a Zip drive, and I had portable music.  Just one problem left:  Those AAA batteries don't last too long.  What about using the Wing's 12 volt accessory terminals?  So, I made a trip to Radio Shack to buy a 12 volt outlet and a Y cord for powering both the MP3 and FM units.  To make everything inside the Wing, I ran the wire for the power outlet through the left blind plug in the trunk, under the plastic to the terminals on the left side of the bike.  You will have to remove the seat to do this.  Then I used electrical tape on the Y cord to prevent the power adaptors from falling out during vibration while riding.  Everything fit neatly in the left side of the trunk.

Not only does everything work without batteries, I found out at the GCMR-V that others near me could tune into my FM frequency and hear what I was playing!  Let's see; with a more powerful transmitter...

Here are some pictures:

  Left panel shows Acc terminals                      Power outlet through blind plug

  Zen Jukebox with iRock! FM Unit                  Neatly inside soft case