Apple-Cade 2008

First of all, a big round of thanks goes out to Cheryl & Jerry for hosting this event, and giving Bulldog & Meesh a well deserved break.  Yet, you can't keep a dog down, hence the liveliness of the BBQ, but I digress.  Let's recount the events, complete with pictures and video, much to the chagrin of the participants.

We must also note that this was the premier event for Carole (of Roger & Carole), as she rode down on her new GL1500 trike.   The three of us headed down Thursday evening, due to that dreaded w-o-r-k that some of us have.  I'll admit, having a GPS makes night time travel much easier.  Being rebels, we stayed on the other side of the tracks and traveled the ten minutes to the Marriott.

For the Friday ride, Roger & Carole went on the CSC ride while I was on the Round The Region ride with Saffron (the song Mellow Yellow kept playing in my head).  I sorted through the pictures and videos, finding one good video and several photos.  This was a very nice ride with lunch at Grandmas in Paw Paw.  Our leader had the good sense to pre-order, thereby giving Grandma a chance to process a large group.  There were many nice roads, all paved, and plenty of turns along the way.  However, I was not able to ready my camera for the low level bridge (more on that later).  A mistake meant a bike wash, maybe a final one!  Some photo highlights:

No problem following yellow!

Lunch at Grandmas

A video highlight:  Round The Region

Friday was the Tri-State ride  by Wheels (Jim L.)  One of the first things that happened was a gravel road.  My Wing had been clean until then.  We went on several other side roads, but we kept running into the same main road!  There was an AM stop at Berkeley Springs, where there was a nice park and places of business, delighted to see Gold Wings lining up along the side street and heading for food!  The tour of the springs was very interesting, as we got to see a Roman bath, natural springs and George Washington's bathtub.  After this, we took WVa Route 9 to a scenic overlook, then we continued to Paw Paw.  It was at this point that I had Déjà-Vu, as I was seeing the roads in reverse!  Remember the Star Trek episode with the parallel universe?  Well, this was the reverse universe, as it seemed that I had seen these road before, but in the other direction!  However, this gave me the chance to video the low level bridge.  This time, we had an authentic lunch stop at a Dairy Queen!

I've assembled some photos:

Directions were clearly communicated

Oh no! Gravel!

They really leave no doubt: STOP!

We kept coming back to this road!

The Castle

The usual suspects

The view

The Bridge!

Authentic lunch stop

Videos:  The Bridge    Route 9 Part 1    Route 9 Part 2

No big event is complete until the evening dinner event, which was a BBQ.  After dinner came the entertainment with numerous gag gifts and presentations.  The pictures and videos speak volumes:

Self explainatory!

The cup!

The hosts

The gnome

The BVD's

The umbrella

The cake


It went downhill from here!

(OMG) Videos:  The Cup!    Bike Wash

What will this group do next?