Blue Ridge Pkwy 1999

OK, Here’s what I remember of the BRP99:

Friday:  It was a warm & sunny day.  Steve & I met at the VC Diner in Whitehouse, NJ for breakfast.  That was the end of the backroads for a while, as I-78 & I-81 lay before us.  With full tanks & stomachs (more on that later), we departed for our destination:  Charlottesville, VA.

A long about 1 PM, the lunch quest was on.  Via CB 1, the plan was to get off the Interstate & seek out a ‘Mom & Pop’ type place.  Just below Exit 300, we ventured into Strasburg, VA and found the Hi Neighbor Restaurant.  We knew we had a good place because we encountered two LEO types inside.  When we expressed our sentiment, the waitress told us the LEO’s would say anything in an election year!  To which the LEO’s reply was, ‘There’s a good place to eat just down the street!’  Hey, it was nice to see such friendship!  Anyway, lunch was delicious, and I collected a card to put in my eating file.

Onward to the I-66 jct to Charlottesville, a gas stop was made just short of the destination.  A glance at the local map showed that the road we were on when right into town.  Not know to us is that the right turn to the motel was really a left!  That discovery led to an unusual U turn (still there, Steve?) after which the motel was found.  Not too long later, Bill Haynes followed by several other WOTI arrived.  A local eatery was found for dinner, after which the group went to the Pancake House for dessert.  Atlas, no ride coordinator at 8 PM!  Well, Jim had gotten delayed, so as was true to form for the VCBT II, there were two shifts that night!

Saturday:  What a sight; WOTI descends on Sarah Jane’s for breakfast!  Pass the grits, please!  On to ‘leg one’ of the BRP, the group met up with more riders on the BRP proper.  14(?) bikes and 20(?) riders began the sightseeing trip going south.  Now, Jim allowed us rest stops and food stops; the entire itinerary was very well planned.  At the first stop, a certain unnamed rider demonstrated the proper technique for righting a Gold Wing.  I’m sure photos were taken, but the names are hidden to protect the guilty.  Now, there are too many sights to stop at, so most views were the ‘riding through slowly’ type.  The group reached the Peaks of Otter, where we descended upon the buffet like locusts on the plains.  This led to a two hour ‘fill ‘em up’ lunch, which was enjoyed by all.

At a gas stop off of the BRP, the Silver Wing developed a leak from the rear drive.  The riders had to head to a near by dealer & limp home.  The ride continued down the BRP to the Day’s Inn at Fancy Gap.  Supper?  I’m still full from lunch!  Still, the homestyle cooking was just too hard to resist!

Sunday:  Several of the group had to depart to get to work on Monday (not I!) while the remainder of the group (believe 4 Wings & 6 riders)  continued the run.  This was the foggy morning ride!  The dew was heavy, but with caution we were able to continue.  As the morning turned towards noon, the fog turned to sunshine and the views were spectacular.  This leg included stops at the Lyne Cove Viaduct and an old fashioned village.  Not to be outdone for lunch, we departed the BRP for Shatley Springs (did I get it right?), where for a mere $12.75, you can eat yourself silly!  This time, we documented the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects of going on this adventure.  I expect Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers will have some new clients!  It was so good, a certain person was seen taking a ham sandwich to go!  Between the morning fog and the afternoon food festival, the trip to Asheville left us arriving in the dark!  Supper at Shoneys was a light snack, after which the last of the travelers headed for a good nights sleep.

We could have spent a week and still not have run out of things to do.  Credit must be given to our tour guide extrodinare (take a bow, Jim).  He did such a fine job, that I can hear it now:  When is the BRP 2000?

Jim Beachy, right
Our Tour Guide (on right) at the Village
Before Lunch
Before the BRP 99
After Lunch!
After the BRP 99!