Several of the No Name Bikers were joined by the Black Pirate and his first mate for a trip to Cats Cade 2007.  Named for the Catskill mountains and Americade, it has been happening for a few years but has grown so much that this may be the last time it is held.

We decided to go up a day early to be able to take the tours on Friday through Sunday.  Over PA & NJ back roads we traveled, about 180 miles to Liberty, NY.  Thursday night, we experienced excellent Italian cuisine at a local restaurant that was overwhelmed with about 100 or so hungry riders.

Our Friday ride took us to the site of the original Woodstock concert in 1969, the Roebling canal bridge over the Delaware river and by the Hawk's Nest.  The biker friendly Hawk's Nest restaurant burned down many years ago, never to be rebuilt.  Additional photos of this area are on the Tri-State ride page.

Friday night gave us some severe storms, so Bill & Patti braved the casino tour while Rodger, Carole & I walked to a local Italian restaurant, the Piccolo Paese, just around the corner.  Again, the food was excellent.

Saturday's tour took us through the scenic Catskill mountains with a lunch stop at Phoenicia and a stop at the town of Woodstock, where the 60's live on!  There was even a guy walking along - looked like he attended the first Woodstock concert and never came home.  Then there was the finale - the Saturday night BBQ at Fireman's Park, where massive quantities of ribs & chicken were consumed!

Patti & Bill

Carole, Roger & John

Each night, parking lot parties sprang up, where we just mingled and talked.  The highlight - a battery powered blender for frozen drinks.  I need to buy a portable chair!

We headed home early on Sunday to avoid the tropical storm advancing from the south.  For lunch, we stopped in the Hotel Switzerland in Jim Thorpe, home of the 24 oz. steak.  I know someone who will want to visit that place!

I've placed the photos in a Windows Movie presentation.