Cats-Cade 2009


It was a dark and foggy morning…  Sounds a bit like Snoopy!  The weather proved to be a benefit, as by the time things cleared to leave changed lunch to be at AJ’s on PA 507 at Lake Wallenpaupack.  AJ’s has the best Ruben sandwich, but beware!  The photo in the video below is the Mini Ruben!  You can’t eat the larger one in one sitting.  Anyway, this year using the GPS, I found the scenic route from Lebanon, PA to Liberty, NY taking no highways.  At most, there was nuisance rain; not enough to require rain gear.  A scenic 174 miles later, I rolled into the Days Inn, only to find Slow Joe as the welcome coordinator.  Bulldog himself showed up later, and the activities had begun.


Dinner was a short walk away at The Grapevine, where we had a waitress ‘Giggles’ along with our dinner.  Thinking she could become famous for her signature laugh, we have put a video on YouTube named ‘Its My Laugh’.  One never knows!


Friday:  It was a dark and rainy morning (I sense a theme here).  So, while milling around the lobby waiting for the sun, I told Sassy that we at least needed lunch.  Next thing I know, she’s dragging me to the computer to check out the Chatterbox in northern NJ.  As the skies cleared, a bunch of us headed south for lunch.  A throwback to the 50’s, Chatterbox has curbside service and the best milk shakes, as someone had to order a second one.  To be fair, it was half size.  Back to the Inn, we went through High Point NJ and waited for dinner, but the severe rain came again.  I waited out the sun and was the second shift at Frankie & Johnny’s.  Asked for the linguine with white clam sauce; did not need the menu.  Out came a double plus serving!  They do not believe in small.


Back to the Inn, the Friday night festivities began with a tribute to Jerry, cookies and more parking lot activities.  This started well until that sickening sound of breaking glass was heard!  Yes, the large JD was gone!  Tears flowed!  Someone captured the damage and posted it, while another was placed in a witness protection program.


Saturday, Royal led a multi-national group on a tour of the Catskills and the Delaware byway through the Hawk’s Nest.  Finally, a beautiful sunny day for a great ride!  Later, at the BBQ and awards ceremony, a Slow Joe did his Carrot Top routine with his uncanny awards.  Now, I usually take individual photos to compile during the awards, but when Margarita Will began his part, I switched to video.  Yes, I had heard the story about the post-wake party, but did not have all of the details.  So, for those of you who were not able to attend, my trip report includes two videos:  The usual collection and a separate one for the coveted Toilet Seat Award.


The finale was a bonfire.  Here, Bartman and Royal displayed their pyrotechnic skills to the enjoyment of the crowd.


Nothing left to do except thank our hosts.  However, Honda John led us home via NYC, where a Freedom Ride took us through the city with a police escort.  Well, it was mostly that until after passing Ground Zero, where the police protection vanished and we were left to find our way to Liberty State Park.  Somewhere we lost Brian!  Later, we found that he had seen an escape route and took it!  Honda John, Dennis & I had lunch at a local diner, after which we turned for home.


Now we all are left to wonder:  What’s next?


Here are the videos:  Cats-Cade 2009    Toilet Seat Award    Best viewed full screen.