Chili Cook Off at Fort Indiantown Gap - 27 October 2006

Can we hope this is the First Annual Chili Cook Off?  I hope so, and I hope the organizers can get some help and lots of publicity, then perhaps hold this event during the weekend!  After all, when you ride a motorcycle, you have to eat!  And eat, we did!  You might think that getting two small cups, a spoon and some napkins might not be enough, but when you look at all the chili stands around the room, go to all and start sampling, you have had several bowls of chili!  It was all there:  Ground beef chili, chili with pasta, chili with goldfish, chili with taco chips, toppings of cheese, sour cream, mildly hot peppers, white chili - one with chicken and another with turkey, sides including salsa, mints and candy - loved the dark chocolate Hershey kisses!  Bread on the side, near beer, apple martinis (minus the active ingredient!), soft drinks and bottled water.  Booths decorated with seasonal displays, some with themes, a dancing ground hog (I was brave enough to try the ground hog chili!), carved pumpkins, military displays and the Pittsburgh Steelers booth with the terrible towel.  Roger, Carole & I spent two delightful hours making the rounds then voting for our favorites.  As I had promised some chili to one of the PX employees, I made good on that delivery, then went back to find out the winning chili only to find that I had missed the official presentation.  However, I believe that everyone was a winner, as $850 was raised in support of our military.

I've made a slide show of some photos.