The last time I visited Dan, he asked me to take some pictures of his Wing after the April 20 crash.  Here's what I found:

Left front not too bad...

Right side took the hit....


OK from the seat back, but forks are bent.

AH!  Found the next Wing!

Fast forward to 15 June 2007:

Hot Wings held a cookout to celebrate Dan's recovery.  He also received an award for the best excuse to buy a new Wing!  We also surprised Sharon with a birthday cake for ^) years!  (hint:  look at your keyboard!)  View a slide show.

Now for the happy ending, or beginning:  On September 12, Dan & I went out to Ohio to HDL and Dan took delivery of a pearl white 2008 Wing!

New Wing with manual

Dan signing his life away!

It is ready to ride...

Ready to go - mile 0.1 & on!

I think it will take a month for Dan to get that silly grin off of his face!