Fun Stuff

One of the best MC videos:  I've Been Everywhere

Can I have a beer?  Dog guards beer!  Too Funny!

The Onion parody of Facebook - too funny!

GEICO has a new commercial without the gecko!

UH-OH!  Do you know what day it is?  GEICO's best!

These Tools for Men would impress Tim Allen!

Every Christmas, we have carolers. Jay Leno interviewed one.

It may look like you can defy gravity, but can a car roll uphill?  Check out Gravity Hill.

This is the best commercial I've ever seen:  I Pinch!

Out of gift ideas for your woman?  How about a Gift Certificate!

Why are men and women different?  Perhaps we need to look at the brain!

Always wonder why women live longer than their husbands?  Alan King explains - Survived by his wife!

Having a bad day?  Take a look at this video of a traffic stop.

Squirrel puts out forest fire - commercial from the U.K.

Fantastic!  Trans Siberian Orchestra music put to light show video!  This is a 5 MB Windows Movie Video

This is hilarious!  Going to work Monday and coming home Friday.

I've never seen a massage like this!  Cat massages dog.

Waterbeds for cows?  Check this video.

Have an unusual picture?  Here are some!

Thinking about Microsoft Vista?  Here's a review Microsoft does not want you to see!   How about Bill Gates on The Daily Show!  But wait, there's more!  From Blimp TV, an excellent parody.  Is it that bad?  How about some serious news from an expert!  March 2008:  The NY Times published an article on a class action lawsuit!

I found inexpensive hardware while fixing computers.  I figure that anyone can build a PC with XP Pro for about $250!

Before Wild Hogs, there was Vicious Cycles.

Here's the H-D sound and the V-Rod sound, or maybe you'd like to take a H-D test ride.

Harley with accessories:  $39,000.  Riding lessons:  $0.00.  Result?  Priceless!

Red Green demonstrates power windows for your truck.

Ever wonder about pharmaceutical companies in light of recent recalls?  Its all about the advertising!

Here's my answer to global warming - its the SUN!