Honda Hoot 2004

The 2004 Honda Hoot set a new record:  rain!  Despite the weather, I managed to get in some great rides and explored new roads.  Traveling with fellow Wingers Tom & Patty, we managed to take one of the planned rides, the riverboat ride and a few trips of our own.  Several trips through the vendor area for goodies, two breakfasts at Shoneys with fellow WOTI members and a ride using maps provided my Mad Maps, and another Hoot was in the books.  A few pictures tell the story.

Did I mention that we found some 'not so straight' roads?
(why is that man smiling?)
Hey, Tom; did ya like that switchback?
But I like riding on the sides of the tires!
Uh oh!  Better get out the rain gear!
I'm just going out for a short ride; be right back!
Breakfast!  I'll start with a bowl of grits....
How do you like your bike?




Rain early on the Cherohala Skyway was followed by sun through Deal's Gap

Bikes line up at the pull off in Deal's Gap     Is this really proper riding gear?

A pair of CBX motorcycles at the museum      Which do you think cost more?

    As good as Deal's Gap was TN 62 from TN 33 towards the Norris Dam.

Hairpin turn on TN 62..notice the arrows        The view from Norris Dam

Better than Deal's Gap was TN 116...right Doc?    Where did the road go?

Despite the rain, I had so much fun riding that I can't wait for Hoot 2005!