Jessica & Karl Bowers

March 20, 2004

On the first day of spring 2004, Jessica Garner and Karl Bowers were married.  Jessica is the daughter of John & Sharon Garner.  Karl is the son of James & Nancy Bowers.  Enjoy these pictures!

  The bride and bridesmaids are ready            Jessica prepares her father

Mom & Dad walk Jessica down the aisle  Pastor Jack Denys performs the ceremony

      You may kiss the bride!                             Jessica and Karl Bowers

                                            The bridal party

    Parents of the bride get a son               Parents of the groom get a daughter


     Jes and Karl are introduced                             First dance

          Karl has a new sister                        Dad gets to dance with the bride

These two reflect the tone of the reception        The bridesmaids are cool!

Parents of the groom dance the night away           Time to cut the cake

   Even the Village People showed up!           Mom and bride Jessica say it all!