Patriot Guard & Military Events

 Any military or non military who want to support our fallen troops,
 please visit the Patriot Guard Riders at 
 Here's some photos from the March 10 ride in Maryland along with a
 video.  There was a story from ABC News on the Patriot Guard, and
 a video from Kansas The Patriot Guard Movie explains our mission.

Here's a link to a recent mission in Reading, PA on 30 November 2010.

The hottest You Tube video by a 15 year old:  Remember Me

Want to see a video about troop morale?  Here are comments from a Sergeant who served in Iraq.

A video tribute to our men and women in uniform was made by Sony.

Military retired with 20+ years and eligible for benefits?  Click here for information on retirement and Tricare.

Annville, PA has a Memorial Day parade to honor veterans.  Click here for the 2012 Annville, PA parade.

On July 18, 2009 there was a memorial ride to honor Cpl Brandon Hardy and I have this video.  I returned and have the 2010 video, the 2011 video & the 2012 video.  Visit his website at

On November 15 - 16, 2007 the Patriot Guard was in Myerstown, PA for SFC Nelson Long.  The local news was captured; the viewing and the funeral.

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National Emblem    Army Song    Navy Song    Air Force Song    Marine Song    Semper Fi

Coast Guard Song    Hands Across The Sea    Stars and Stripes Forever    National Anthem

PA National Guard gets Stryker vehicles:  There are seven Stryker battalions; six are full time Army and the seventh is assigned to the PA National Guard.  On 10 June 2006, the Guard rolled out the Stryker to the public.  Caution:  The video is 8.5 MB if you want to view it.

The USO and several military personnel from Fort Indiantown Gap organized a chili cook off on 27 Oct 2006.  If you cook it, they will come!  Here's a short report & pictures.

On 21 October 2006 at Fort Indiantown Gap, a memorial was dedicated
to honor our PA soldiers who have fallen in Iraq.

Every Memorial Day, a ceremony with a 21 gun salute is held at Fort Indiantown Gap.  The video is from the 2007 event.  I attended the 2009 event and have provided these slide shows and music:

2009 Slide Show

Air National Guard Quintet

Veterans Day 2010 Video

Memorial Day 2011

The Patriot Guard escorted our wounded troops and family, traveling by bus, to the 2007 Memorial Day ceremonies in Gettysburg, PA.  While military from Walter Reed have been attending this event for several years, this year the Patriot Guard was invited.  One hundred bikes showed up, to the delight of our troops.  Let us never forget to honor those who serve to keep America free.

By 2009, over 200 motorcyclist provided an escort for this ceremony - click here for a slideshow.

Again in 2010, Gettysburg honored our military - click here for a video.

This event keeps getting better!  Click here for the 2011 video.