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What did 2014 bring?  We've just had the first storm of the new year on Jan 2!  How cold is it?  This North Dakota weather alert nails it!  I'm going to forgo February & March by going to Florida!  Time for golf and the beach.  After the snow melts, I'll return for more adventures.  This summer, I'm taking a trip planned through AAA to visit the northwest.  Oh, BIG NEWS!  Darling daughter #1 became engaged last Christmas!  I've got a party sometime this fall!  Best part is my daughters will do all the planning; I just write the check.  I wonder if they take Visa?

At the end of January and between snowstorms, I escaped to Indian Rocks Beach, arriving in Ocala where I was able to have dinner with 'Limey' from the WOTI list.  We had a nice dinner and caught up on about twenty years of life.  Friday the 31st I arrived at my destination.  Here's a video of the first two weeks; gee, I missed the snowmagetton  of 2014!  Photos of a walking tour of a nature preserve may help you with winter up north; click here.  -OR- Get married in the Botanical Gardens!  This one is 'for the birds'; a trip to the Seabird Sanctuary.  On March 7, I met Larry for lunch [dinner for me] at The Pub in Indian Shores.  Great food at reasonable prices, but cool weather kept everyone inside.  Like shrimp?  Try the coconut shrimp!

Just north of Clearwater beach is another island with Honeymoon Island State Park.  Since the day was totally clear and sunny, I visited and have this video to share.

Just how was the golf?  Well, not many hills!  I've compiled my photos along with the PGA Tour at Innisbrook into this video.  If gardens appeal to you, the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg are beautiful.

Well, I've run out of things to for now and I feel the humidity returning, so it is about time to head back home, but no before stopping over in South Carolina to catch up with Skippy and Lee.

On to Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer.  Kicking it off:  Annville Memorial Day Parade.  Let's not forget to honor our veterans and those who are still serving.

Air Force Band 'High Altitude' performed this June at the Fort Indiantown Gap Club.

On July 19, I attended the Cpl. Brandon Hardy ride to support military personnel.  I have two videos, the first of The Ride and the second of The Return to Gap.  During the lunch, a Marine group presented Jill Hardy a donation.  Mark your calendars; this ride is always the 3rd Saturday of July.

This summer, we had a four season sun room built on our deck.  We found an excellent contractor, a local store for the floor and a second for furniture.  Have a look!  Have a drink!

At the end of August, I took a trip through AAA to tour the parks of the northwest.  If you want to watch the video, you will need a high speed Internet connection and a cup of coffee - this is a 19 minute video.  Click here when you are ready.

This October, I attended a concert given by the Lebanon Big Swing Band.  Click here for an all time favorite.

Our year ended with the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts.  For 2015, our family has decided to meet at a nice restaurant between these holidays so that no one has to work.  I do have a short video for Christmas.

New for 2013 was the Chili Cook-off at the Fire & Ice celebration in Lititz, PA. The Phoenixville, PA goat races occured on Cinco de Mayo, so there were two celebrations on the same day.  During Memorial Day Weekend, there was a parade in Annville and a nice ceremony at Fort Indiantown Gap.  This year was the 5th anniversary of the Smoky Mountain Ride In.  On July 13, Jack Hubley did a presentation of raptors at Hawk Mountain.  The third week of July was the Cpl. Brandon Hardy ride in Gap, PA to aid the military.

This June, Sharon & I jumped in the Mustang and toured Bald Eagle State Park.  Just south of State College, PA highways 45 & 192 go through the forest.  After lunch at the Mt. Nittany Inn, we toured the park.

Halleluiah!  The 10th street bridge, PA 72 south in Lebanon, was dedicated August 27.  The 9th street bridge, PA 72 north, was finished last year.  No more waiting for the train!  Click for video.

What a storm we had on Labor Day!  The windows are clean; click here to see how this happened.

Sharon and I took a trip to the PA Grand Canyon, along Route 6 and through the Delaware Water Gap late September - click for slide show.

Its almost time to wrap up another year, as here comes Santa Clause to visit the children.

2012 Events:  Click here for the Sly Fox Goat Races.  Held in Phoenixville, PA on the first Sunday in May, this is one gigantic lawn party with entertainment.

Ever wonder what a parade looks like from the driver's perspective?  Click here for the 2012 Annville, PA Memorial Day parade.

On July 21, I rode in the Cpl Brandon Hardy Memorial Ride to raise money for our troops - more on the Military Page.

Attending the Smoky Mountain Ride In on my new Mustang GT (home page) was a unique experience.  Not only did I find out that the Mustang convertible can keep up with and overtake motorcycles in the turns, rain gear goes on in under sixty seconds with the push of a button!

Labor Day weekend marked a father-daughter ride to the Flight 93 Memorial.  Sponsored by the Brothers for Flight 93, this will become an annual event.

The last Sunday in summer was perfect to ride and check out Jim's Steak Sandwiches outside of Philadelphia.

Halloween 2012 brought out these Trick or Treat children:  Click for video.

2011 Agenda:  I'm traveling to southernmost Texas to see if Brownsville is winter proof - they have golf at the RV camp.  The Biker Breakfast on Sunday in Lawn, PA goes from May through September.  2011 marks the third annual Smoky Mountain Ride In which has been expanded into a one week event.

The 2011 Flood!

Every May, Magenta (Dave) organizes a Blessing of the Motorcycles.  For 2011, I have this video.

Bald Eagle, my motorcycle, won 1st place at the 2011 Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Cruse Night - click here for the photos.

In June 2011, we lost one of our own, Harold "Butch" Weidman.  The Patriot Guard and the Guardian Angels participated in the Memorial Services - click here for his page.

2010 Winter Tour:  Roswell, Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas & more!  

At my 40th College Reunion, a great video was shown - I had hair back then!

Sharon & I took a fabulous trip for our 40th Anniversary, and had a party.

I reconnected with band members & friends at my 45th High School Reunion.

Enjoy our Halloween 2010 Video

Tribute to Veterans:  Indiantown Gap Video

Little Lenny Cotton conducted the GCMR X(Great Canadian Menu/Motorcycle Run) for 2009 & 2010.  How did it go?  Well, here are the results, eh?

A van collided with three motorcycles and six riders near Roots market on PA 72.  On August 8 a ride for Kristin, the lone survivor, was held: http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/266566 ; Video tribute  Although the driver of the van was 100% at fault, five lives were lost.

2009 Agenda:  Winter in Florida - here's my KDX 24 Toy Hauler.  On April 25, the PA Lunch Run went to Shady Maple.  The Cats-Cade 'Wine & Dine in 09' event was the end of May.  The Biker Breakfast on Sunday in Lawn, PA went from May through September.  There was no Honda Hoot but there was the first annual Smoky Mountain Ride In in June.

2008 Ride Reports:  Rogers, Arkansas
PA to NJ:  Pizza Run
Apple-Cade 2008
Honda Hoot 2008
BYOM Event:  Pop 'N Fresh video  Bulldog video
Renovo in July
Wingstock 2008

PA Covered Bridges

2007 events we did:  During the first weekend in June, we took in Cats Cade.  In June, we enjoyed the Honda Hoot and we will return in 2008.  In July, we visited Port Dover on Friday the 13th.  Rockies-Gold included Colorado, Utah and Arizona.  In August, the Hot Wings hosted a weekend event with shopping, events and rides.  Labor Day weekend was the pre-pre-ride for Renovo; in October we did the official pre-ride September 7 & 8!  The Gathering of the Mob was led by Don Wheels.  October 13:  We rode scenic back roads to Rock Hall, MD where the town was celebrating 300 years with a crab fest.  On November 3, Don Wheels led us to lunch and on a tour of the MD/PA countryside.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we had a lunch and a tour of covered bridges.  Roger & Carole were married in December!  Finally, Dan had the best excuse for getting a new Gold Wing!

2006 & 2005 PA Tours:  Trip reports, photos and ride directions from our tours of covered bridges, barns and local breweries.

2006 Honda Homecoming:  Thanks to Gibby & Merlyn for opening the Resort to a bunch of us from Honda Homecoming.  You can get the usual photos from others, but I bet you never saw a video of Gibby's dogs and their frisbee act.  Watch a video of Wigglebutt & Dufus.  Wigglebutt chases the frisbee, while Dufus nips him in the rear!  In the background, Harley whimpers, as he did not get to run along.

October 2006:  Took a trip to the Wingstock event from the GL1800 board, down in Woodstock, GA.  They have the same mountains we have in PA and great roads!  Met many new people, including a local couple and a couple from Brazil.

The 2006 Honda Hoot was my first Hoot on a GL1800.

Found a vendor who will swap out your GL1800 wheels for chrome ones.

On 3 Dec 2005, I took a ride to Hawk Mountain.

Little Lenny Cotton upgraded to a GL1800.  Photos from Paul.

On November 5th, I took my first long ride on the 2006 Wing to view the Fall Foliage in PA.

How fast can a crash happen?  In less than a heartbeat!  Witness a crash.
Left turning cars in front of us account for many crashes as shown in this video
Want to avoid that crash?  You need a strategy!  Turn on your radar!
Want some perspective on crashes?  Here's one from Ben Roethlisberger's crash.

Lee could not attend the 2005 Lobster Run, so we sent him a lobster!  Lee's Lobster Report.

Photos of the WOTI Wing transfer to Canada are in!  Canada is promising more, along with the full story.

The Lawn, PA Fire Company sponsors a Motorcycle Breakfast the third Sunday of each moth from April through September.  Come out, have breakfast, see the bikes and meet for a ride!

The '05 Honda Hoot was the ultimate motorcycle vacation!  There are twisties all over Tennessee, as well a scenic roads.  Thanks again to the Flying Doc, who led us through Deal's Gap.

The PA Covered Bridge Tour on September 18, 2004 set a new record:  rain!  Despite hurricane Ivan, we managed to have a 'Flooded Bridge' Tour of Lancaster County.

Here's the 2004 Honda Hoot & some pictures.  The Canadian 'ride & eat' GCMR-V was next.  Despite some rain, we had a great weekend for riding.

Other times I've attended the Honda Hoot:  2002, 2000.

Our daughter Jessica was married on March 22, 2004!  Pictures!

Want to add a MP3 player to a 1500?  Here's how I did it!

Want to see the famous video of Grumpy catching Swaggie's Wing? Fallen Wing Video.

In 2002, I attended the third Canadian event, GCMR-III which was led by the Lost Horizon Tours!

Sharon & I took a Tri-State Ride  (TSR) in fall of 2003 to see the leaves.

On the weekend of October 13, 2001, the NJ Contingency hosted the sixth annual Leaf Run at Panther Valley Inn.  The views and foliage were spectacular!   GEWLR VI links to the report.

On May 27, 2001 the Roo Flag moved from the US to Canada.

Central Pennsylvania abounds in covered bridges; the PACBT 2000 ride & report showed us some.  For Bucks County, PA the PACBT 1999 provided a day trip.

Sharon & I took five days to tour Vermont with a New Hampshire side trip in August of 1999.  Beware of moose if you travel in those parts!

Jim Beachy hosted a tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway - BRP - in '99.  Maybe we can do this again, as Jim writes such great trip reports.