During the weekend of July 13, 2007, two of the Hot Wings made a pilgrimage to Port Dover, Ontario, Canada (eh?) to see what this Friday the 13th has to do with motorcycles.  As near as we could figure out, there was a tragic death of a friend, and the decision was made to go to Port Dover to have a drink in his memory.  Since the date happened on a Friday the 13th, legend has it that every Friday the 13th, the motorcycles return to Port Dover.  I guess it is like the swallows returning to Capistrano!

We left on the Thursday before and took the scenic route along PA 15 then PA 44 through the Allegany Mountains to Coudersport.  What we discovered is that PA 44 is one very scenic and fun road on a motorcycle.  After lunch in town, we continued through Buffalo, took a left into Canada and arrived at our motel in Port Colbourne.  The motel soon filled up with other riders - mostly from 'The Dark Side!'

Friday at 7 PM, our side stands were up and we were on our way to Port Dover, about 50 miles (83 km in Canada) away.  We made great time until the last 5 miles, when traffic was at a crawl for getting into the town.  Finally, we found a place for parking and walked around the town - twice!  What we saw was an unbelievable amount of bikes and people that had converged on Port Dover and continued to come all day!  After a few hours and some tired feet later, we escaped from town, continued west along Lake Erie to 'The Point', where the spit of land runs out into Lake Erie - looks like a small Long Island.  Here we found a park and a nice place for lunch.  We planned our ride back to avoid the traffic, but twice we hit backups for bikes still en route to Port Dover!

That evening, we went into Port Colbourne and had a most delicious dinner at the Country Store restaurant.  Don't miss this stop if you are in the area.

Saturday, we packed up and headed home via Niagara Falls.  That's a lot of water!  You have to see it from the Canadian side for the best views.  The road that runs by the falls goes all the way from Port Erie in the southern end to Lake Ontario at the north.

I have several photos, first of Port Dover and then of Niagara Falls:  Continue to photos.