Renovo, PA pre-ride to the pre-ride:  Roger & I took a leisurely ride over PA back roads this (2007) Labor Day weekend to Renovo, PA.  First, we found some terrific roads to get there after turning off of US 11/15 north.  For those of you coming from the south, you may want to check this route which includes PA 104 north from US 11/15, to PA 45 at Mifflinburg.  Tricky part:  East at PA 45 and look to turn left on Buffalo Street - about 1 mile - towards Forrest Hill.  Miss the turn, keep looking for a left to Forrest Hill, then left on PA 192 west.  This road goes through a beautiful wooded valley and by a state park.  Right on to PA 477, and you are in for some twisty turns!  Carefully follow PA 477 - there are left & right turns to stay on it - going under I-80 until you get to PA 220 towards Lock Haven - 2nd exit once on 220.  Then pick up PA 120, going along the river, to Renovo.  The Sportsman Restaurant & Motel is on the east side of Renovo.

We stopped at the Sportsman and did some reconnaissance.  They have 20 rooms on site, with an additional 50 rooms a few miles west in Renovo.  There are two gas stations in town.  Naturally, we had lunch, and the food was very good.  Yuengling is on draft - excellent!

Following lunch, we checked out PA 120 along the river, PA 144 north to PA 44, then headed back taking PA 44 south to US 11/15.  I thought I was back in Colorado again, as we did 400 miles under sunny skies with temps between 65 & 75 (F) - it doesn't get any better than this!  I did not have my camera mounted to the Wing, but had I taken video, some might have gotten dizzy watching me go through the twisties.  All I can say is that the roads go through very scenic areas, and that our mountains fit in the frame of the picture.  PA 44 has a sign that reads:  Allegheny Mountains Elevation 2179 feet.  May not seem like much, but the roads are nice.

I did take a few pictures:

Looking west on PA 120

Angie took our lunch order

One of the rooms in the restaurant (larger one on left - not shown)

Ample room at the Hideaway Bar


Cha'ron (top), Tammy (aka Giggles, left) or Angie (right) are there to serve us

Looking south on PA 144 from 144/44 junction

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