The Renovo trip in July started out with rain on Wednesday, but clearing by Thursday afternoon.  A bike wash helped, although the Saturday night storm kicked up the dirt from the stone parking lot.  Between those times, we had an enjoyable event which (for me) included the Straub Brewery, Elk Sighting, Friday's tour of Bald Eagle State Park (didn't know that I had my own park?), State College and the parking garages and Raystown Lake followed by Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.  Saturday gave me the Austin Dam failure, the Kinzua Dam and overlook, the Renovo Loop which included the Longhouse scenic  byway, Route 6 and PA 144.  The trip home included PA 44 across the river to eventually get PA 61 and PA 125 from Shamokin to Good Spring - very twisty!  Earlier videos of PA 125 are in the 2007 August  trip report.

I've complied the pictures into WMV slide shows, and I'm still working on the videos, so check back in a few days or follow the GL1800 Riders Board for updates.

Slide Shows:    Straub Brewery    Elk Sighting    Bald Eagle Park/Raystown Lake    Denny's Pub    Renovo Loop

Videos:            PA 26         PA 607        Longhouse Scenic Byway

More Renovo videos are in the Renovo Pre-ride page.