On April 15, three Wingers headed out for Rogers, Arkansas from a post on the GL1800 Riders Board.  This page covers our travels to the event and our first night in Rogers.

Bald Eagle

Black Pirate

Dinner at Lamberts

where they throw the rolls

View from the overlook

Bridge at Cotter, AR

'Wheeling' through the Ozarks

Sweet Sue at the Thursday kickoff

Plus these videos:

Bridge crossing - Cotter, AR

Wheeling through the Ozarks

Sweet Sue

Friday evening - Margaritaville!

I did not ride Friday as the weather was rainy and raw, but I did serve Margaritas after the excellent chicken dinner.

Saturday, Laura led a ride to Beaver Dam, Eureka Springs and War Eagle River, as well as a flooded suspension bridge.  We were going to ride over that bridge on the way out, but the recent floods prevented that:

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