Vermont MonumentOn August 2, 1999, John & Sharon loaded up Bald Eagle & headed for Bennington, VT.  The interstates were taken to Troy, NY, at which a right turn lead to our first destination.  In Bennington, we saw and went up a monument dedicated to a revolutionary war battle in which the British were defeated.  From the inside of the monument, you can view the countryside in each compass direction.  Our second stop in Bennington was to a museum which featured a tribute to Grandma Moses and local memorabilia.  We ate at the Bennington Station restaurant and headed to Darling Kelley's Motel (recommended) for the evening.

Day 2:  We headed east from Bennington and picked up VT 100, which is beautiful in any part of the state.  North to hwy 4, we arrived at Woodstock, VT to visit the Billings Farm and its many exhibits.  Sharon was very interested in the quilts which hung in the main building.  From the farm, we traveled into New Hampshire and stayed at the Top Notch Motel, near Mount Washington.  After a long day, I enjoyed the hot tub!


Mt. Wash.Day 3:  After breakfast, we headed to Mount Washington.  Since I had ridden to the summit of several mountains, I figured that the only difference was riding two up.  I should have read the disclaimer at the entrance!  OK, so $16 & a sticker, 'This Bike Climbed Mt. Washington!', and we were off on an 8 mile road to the summit.  After four miles, I lost the trees and found myself on a narrow gravel road, 12% incline, cut out of the side of the mountain!  No guard rail!  Then I caught up with a maint. truck; driver stops, I stop, he waves me around.  Remember those who asked how to start uphill?  Want to try this one!  MSF works; I own the friction zone and make it around, doing the scariest 4 miles of my life!  The view from the top was worth it! OK, down the mountain & west on highway 2 through NH & VT.  This is a beautiful and scenic road, but watch out for moose!

Arriving in Burlington, VT, we found a nice restaurant in town, dodged some rain & settled in our motel for the night.

St. AnneDay 4:  We headed north on hwy 2 to tour the Grand Isles of VT on Lake Champlain.  This took us one day; we could have easily spent another.  We stopped at a state park for a picture (home page), and continued onto the Isle of Le Mott.  Here there is a shrine to St. Anne and a statue of Samuel Champlain.  Going all the way on hwy 2, we crossed into NY to have lunch at a marina in Rousses Point.  Heading back into VT, we turned north just to go a few miles into Canada so we could say we were there.  On the return trip, we headed south via the mainland to view the Grand Isles.  For dinner, we stopped at Cruisers, a throwback to the 50's with great food.  It rained twice; both times the bike was covered and we were eating!

Moose!!! Day 5:  Headed south from Burlington on hwy 7 to tour the west side of VT.  Stopped for several photo opts before picking up VT 17 towards Crown Point, NY.  Before crossing the bridge, we stopped at a local VT store to pick up VT Maple Syrup.  Then into NY and down 9N into Lake George for lunch at the Overlook Cafe, where you can get the best burger & view the lake.  After lunch, it was the interstates home.  Time to rest up for the next adventure!